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Pediatric Chiropractic in Nashville

We LOVE seeing entire families, particularly kids, come to our office to get adjusted.

Just like adults, children have a spine and nervous system. When children see a chiropractor, they receive an incredibly valuable form of preventative health care. But there are also problems that can crop up in early childhood. We want to make sure that these issues don’t affect your child later on in life, which is why we suggest you bring them to a chiropractor as soon as possible after they’re born.

You’ll Know This Is a Place for Kids to Feel Safe

There’s a room specifically designed for kids here. There’s a saying on the wall that says, “Healthy Kids Make Healthy Adults.” And it’s true! We see that lived out every day in our pediatric practice members.

With regular chiropractic checkups, you know your child will be able to function optimally throughout their life. And at our practice, your child can feel free to be themselves. We want them to play, learn and thrive while they’re here. So don’t worry about trying to make your kids quiet down or sit in a chair. You can let them be their beautiful, vibrant selves here!

Any mom or dad knows that birth is a pretty powerful experience. As the baby makes its way through the birth canal, the shoulders are wedged. The baby is tugged and pulled on to get them out of the birthing canal. If there are forceps or a vacuum, this trauma is exacerbated.

As a result, infants often have cranial and spinal misalignments. It can plague a child into adulthood if not corrected. Make sure your child is checked with gentle, specific chiropractic care, and you’ll know you’re making an impactful health decision for their future.

We’ve had incredible success with common childhood issues such as bed-wetting, constipation, ear infections and colic.

One of our favorite cases involved a little boy with torticollis, where he was unable to turn his head to one side. The parents had brought the boy to a physical therapist, but that proved a painful, traumatic experience for him. Under chiropractic care, the boy’s spine straightened out. He’s now under what we call Thrive Care, meaning he comes in periodically for checkups to stay well.

What is the new patient process for a pediatric practice member?

The process is about the same as it is for an adult but will depend on your child’s age and presentation. It may change a little depending on their situation. For example, we typically don’t take X-rays on young children. Please note that we have a different set of paperwork for our pediatric practice members.
Do you have special techniques for kids?

Yes. There are techniques used for kids that are appropriate for their size and comfort level. The methods we use include instrument adjusting.
What if my child feels nervous about coming to the office?

Your kids are going to love it here. We’re goofy and get right on their level. IF the adjustment makes them feel uncertain, they can lie on Mom or Dad to help them remain calm. Or we can adjust one single spinal segment of each visit, making a big deal of how awesome they are each time. Then, they’ll start to look forward to coming in again!
How can chiropractic help with colic?

When your child has colic, they cry nonstop because it’s their only way to communicate: “I’m uncomfortable!” Typically, we see that children with colic have reflux, and they have a tough time passing stool. This can come from an area of the spine that’s not working well. By clearing the nervous system and making sure the body functions properly, it relieves their symptoms.
What types of conditions can chiropractic help with?

The benefits of chiropractic care extend to ailments such as

  • Ear infections
  • Reflux
  • Constipation

  • Bed-wetting
  • Immune challenges

We’ve even had children come in and report that they’ve started getting better grades since being under care. When the human body has the capacity to function at 100%, miracles can happen.

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