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Dr Natasha Codinach

Meet Dr. Natasha Codinach

My favorite thing about being a chiropractor is helping people and seeing them heal from within.”

Following in Her Dad’s Footsteps

As the daughter of a chiropractor, Dr. Natasha grew up under chiropractic care her whole life. “I’ve always known the significance of chiropractic, but it wasn’t until I got into school that I truly understood how important it is to my life.”

She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University, where her dad also attended.

A Passion for Sharing Chiropractic’s Benefits

Dr. Natasha always aims to help practice members understand what chiropractic truly is instead of what they think it is. “I’m passionate about helping people, through chiropractic care and helping them understand their body was designed for healing.” Dr. Natasha also hopes people choose chiropractic care as their first choice instead of their last resort when they’re sick because they know how important it is.

In addition to providing outstanding chiropractic care, Dr. Natasha also offers an attentive ear. She takes the time to listen to practice members and her caring and friendly nature makes her very approachable.


Beyond the Practice: Hobbies and Family

When she’s not treating practice members or advocating for chiropractic care, Dr. Natasha enjoys baking, working out, and traveling to new places. She also ensures she takes care of her health in terms of nutrition and exercise so she can be a great example for her practice members.

Born and raised in Miami, Dr. Natasha comes from a loving and supportive family with whom she maintains strong ties. Dr. Natasha also finds it rewarding to see entire families come into the practice for care. “It’s nice that they’re all close and connected.”

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